'Shark Tank' entrepreneur on latest episode of 敢于颠覆 podcast

Joe Altieri, 发明or of FlexScreen, shares his story with 创造免费mg不朽情缘试玩
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Joe Altieri is the 发明or 和 CEO of FlexScreen. 他毕业于 Penn State 新肯辛顿 with a bachelor’s degree in business, management, 和 marketing. 

Credit: Submitted by Joe Altieri

宾州大学公园. — In the latest episode of 创造免费mg不朽情缘试玩’s “敢于颠覆“播客, host Ryan Newman interviews "Shark Tank" entrepreneur 和 FlexScreen 发明or 和 CEO Joe Altieri, 谁毕业于 Penn State 新肯辛顿 with a bachelor’s degree in business, management 和 marketing. 

According to Altieri, FlexScreen is the world’s first 和 only flexible window screen. Altieri pitched the window screen on the season 11 episode 10 of ABC’s "Shark Tank," walking away with a deal for $400,000与发明家, entrepreneur 和 “Queen of QVC” Lori Greiner.

In this episode of 敢于颠覆, Altieri talked about how he started his career as an independent sales representative in the window industry 和 quickly became frustrated with the flimsy aluminum frames found in traditional screens. He also shared details about his experience pitching FlexScreen on "Shark Tank."

"We started doing a a lot of videos with me talking about FlexScreen, doing crazy stuff like running our screens over with cars 和 dragging them behind ATVs 和 throwing them off of buildings. And a couple of them went viral. One of the 'Shark Tank' producers saw our social media 和 said, ‘嘿, you're pretty good in front of a camera. Your product looks pretty fantastic. Will you come on the show?’” Altieri said during the podcast interview. 

Listen to this interview to learn more about Altieri’s journey. 

In the second half of the episode, Kevin Harris, a recent participant in the 创造免费mg不朽情缘试玩 Summer Founders 程序, joins the conversation. He is the founder 和 CEO of WaveBreaker Technologies, a veteran-owned 和 -operated business making kayaking more accessible with its top-mounted storage well. Harris talked to Alteiri about the challenges of manufacturing physical products 和 how to make tough decisions about one's business as an entrepreneur. 

Altieri also recently gave an inspirational send-off at the 2023 Summer Founders 程序 final showcase dinner. 

Students can apply or be nominated to be on the show here

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